Fleet Charging as a Service​
AMPLY offers commercial fleet operators a unique charging-as-a-service approach to help fleets transition to electric vehicles and maximize the benefits year-over-year.
Pay Per Electric Miles Driven
With AMPLY Power as the utility account holder, you can rely on fixed rate costs all your fleet electric fueling needs.
Road Ready, Every Day
AMPLY Power's system ensures mission critical vehicles are charged and ready for use every single day.
Logan Bus Company and AMPLY are Working Together
Logan to bring 5 Electric School Buses to NYC coupled with AMPLY's Charging-as-a-Service approach.
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Cleantech Top 100
AMPLY Power Honored by 2020 Global Cleantech 100 for Innovation in Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging and Management
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AMPLY offers set pricing terms free from demand charges and tariffs.


AMPLY can manage everything from system design to maintenance.


AMPLY’s system ensures mission critical vehicles are charged and ready for use.

The Road to Electric Fleet Scale

In a diesel-vehicle fleet world, the cost of the fuel varies by 10-20% per year, in the electric fuel fleet world the cost of electric fuel often varies by 300% (3X) per day. 

AMPLY removes the risk of time-of-use and demand-charge driven pricing variance, to provide a known, consistent cost for electric fuel-as-a-service, by using our breadth of knowledge, access to electricity markets, and real-time energy-flow management technology that keeps your fleet charged at the best cost.

As EV fast charging products are still evolving, AMPLY removes the risk for a Fleet Operator on choosing equipment that could become obsolete. Different vehicles and fleet usage scenarios require different charging equipment and fueling algorithms; AMPLY is not tied to one vendor of EV charging equipment to allow us to tailor a solution for each fleet, that fits the broader objectives and policies of the business.

AMPLY delivers a scalable solution for EV Fleet Charging, as a fleet moves from a pilot project to production scale, that accelerates the zero emission goals of the business and the EV fleet managers. Providing certainty on electric fueling costs with uptime guarantees. AMPLY builds fully automated charging systems optimized for lowest electricity cost, while delivering a per-electric-mile-driven EV charging service to our fleet customers.

Who We Work With

Fleets at all stages of electrification can take advantage of AMPLY’s unique approach to vehicle charging.





Compare Gas vs Electric Costs in Key Metro Areas Nationwide

Explore the differences in costs between the average $/gal gasoline or diesel versus electricity. We have gathered data representing the major metropolitan areas across the United States.

The AMPLY Power Service Model

AMPLY takes the technical guesswork out of fleet electrification so that fleets can invest in zero-emission operations with confidence.


NORCAL Clean Fleet Technology Conference & Expo

AMPLY will be at this event. Stop by and visit us. October 15 – 17 at McClellan Conference Center, McClellan, CA.

AMPLY Power in the News


Logan Bus Company to Bring 5 Electric School Buses to NYC Schools

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Understanding Electric Vehicle Fueling Costs Compared to Gasoline for Fleets

Gasoline or diesel prices could fluctuate 20% in a given year, whereas fully bundled electricity rates could vary by as much as 300% in a given day.

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