AMPLY aims to accelerate transportation electrification by giving EV fleet managers certainty on electric fueling costs. Our mission is to build fully automated charging systems optimized for lowest electricity cost, while delivering a per-electric-mile-driven charging service to our fleet customers.

What We Offer

AMPLY provides a modular, fully autonomous charging solution that scales with fleets and transit agencies’ growth as they adopt EVs. By optimizing charge rate and vehicle process flow, AMPLY flattens out the facility demand curve and thereby provides the lowest cost of electric fueling possible in a given depot location or in-route stops.

How We Do It

Our approach is predicated on being the account holder of the utility meter used for charging, and in return we offer our customers a per mile driven usage rate. AMPLY provides the bulk of the upfront CAPEX associated with the charging platform. We carry the burden (and the risk) for maximizing operational efficiency and thus lowering our own cost of demand and electricity.

Zero upfront CAPEX

AMPLY provides all equipment,
operations ​& maintenance with an end-to-end EV Fleet charging solution custom tailored to your organizations needs.

Pay fixed $ per mile driven
usage rate on “fuel cost”

AMPLY carries the performance
accountability and gives our fleet
customers an uptime guarantee.

All-in-one EV Fleet charging solution

Mission critical operations require more than just chargers - resiliency, access to low-cost renewable power, auto-enrollment in grid support programs. AMPLY handles it all on your behalf.

AMPLY believes that in order to truly scale EV fleet deployments, operators must have a firm grasp on the cost of this new fuel type – electricity. 

Unlike gasoline, CNG, or diesel where fuel cost is not impacted by throughput, energy flow rate (or power) in the electricity world could mean the difference between a viable EV fleet business vs. one that loses money every month. The AMPLY team has designed a system-wide charging solution that scales along with your fleet, while minimizing upfront capital expenditures and ongoing cost of electricity.