AMPLY is Making it Easy for
Fleets Switching to Electric

AMPLY aims to accelerate the adoption of electric powered fleets by optimizing the delivery of power, making refueling seamless and efficient for transit bus agencies, municipal and private fleets.

AMPLY was founded in 2018 by Vic Shao, who previously founded and grew Green Charge Networks into the #1 distributed energy storage in the U.S. before it was successfully acquired by ENGIE, the largest electricity provider in the world. 

gas vs electric

Explore the differences in costs between the average $/gal gasoline or diesel versus electricity. We have gathered data representing the major metropolitan areas across the United States.

AMPLY is well funded by top-tier institutional venture capital firms.

Obvious Ventures

Our idea is the opposite of corporate philanthropy. It’s the idea that #worldpositive businesses have advantages in the market and can outperform their more traditional peers. These types of businesses have sustainable positive impact.

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Congruent Ventures

We partner with entrepreneurs to build companies addressing sustainability challenges. We invest early across the spectrum of hardware, software, enterprise, consumer, deep technology, fin-tech, and business model innovation.

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LACI Incubator

We utilize state-of-the-art programs, proven tools and connections to partners, mentors and advisors, while providing the kind of oversight and long-term commitment that’s crucial to your success

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