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AMPLY Power Selected by Elemental Excelerator Program for It’s Charging-as-a-Service Model for Electric Vehicle Fleets

AMPLY Power offers a business model that is both ambitious and realistic, empowering businesses and municipalities to better participate in the clean energy marketplace. We are excited about AMPLY’s participation in the accelerator, and believe more than ever that startups will be at the heart of fighting climate change and solving the most urgent environmental issues of our time.

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Meet Elemental’s 17 Earthshot Companies in Cohort 8

One of the fastest ways to kickstart the number of electric vehicles is to convert municipal and commercial fleets. But even if every fleet operator decided to switch to EVs tomorrow, they’d have to do it in spite of persistent barriers like volatile electricity prices and underdeveloped charging infrastructure. That’s where AMPLY Power’s Charging-as-a-Service technology comes in

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2019 Solar Power International

2019 Solar Power International Description Solar Power International 2019, September 23-26 North America Smart Energy Week is the largest gathering of solar, smart energy, energy storage and hydrogen fuel cell…

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2019 SEPA Grid Evolution Summit

2019 SEPA Grid Evolution Summit Description There is only one place where all of the top electricity stakeholders, from regulators, ISOs, and utilities to technology providers, academics, and government agencies,…

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Meet AMPLY POWER – Watch the Video

AMPLY is focused on transforming the commercial transportation sector by removing the challenges, surprises, and learning curve that fleet operators often face when switching to electricity as a fuel.

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Gas vs. Electric White Paper

Gasoline or diesel prices could fluctuate 20% in a given year, whereas fully bundled electricity rates could vary by as much as 300% in a given day.

The complexity of electricity rate structures coupled with confusing or conflicting metrics…

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Connecting to the Electrical Grid

Connecting to the Electrical Grid An Interview with Vic Shao, CEO AMPLY Power Electrical vehicles are popping up all over the roads, even in fleet vehicles. If you’ve considered converting…

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Gas vs. Electric Comparison Tool

Gas vs Electric Explore the differences in costs between the average $/gal gasoline or diesel versus electricity. We have gathered data representing the major metropolitan areas across the United States.…

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AMPLY Power: Top 25 US cities could save avg. 37% on fuel costs by switching to electric vehicles

25 of America’s largest metro areas could save an average of 37% ...

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