2020 – White Paper

Unlocking the Cost-Saving Potential of Electric Fuel

This updated report attempts to distill and simplify the interaction of complex electricity rate structures with fleet vehicle requirements by providing a comparative assessment of how electricity rate structures in the Top 25 U.S. Metropolitan areas impact the cost to “fuel” different vehicle fleets. Cost savings from charging EVS are real in most cities but charging is complex, so fleets need managed charging to capture savings. In this white paper, we outline the methodology and logic for calculating the DPGe, present the results and insights gleaned from DPGe for the Top 25 U.S. Metros, and issue a nationwide call-to-arms for the industry, regulators, fleet operators, and energy providers to work together to unleash the profound financial and societal benefits that fleet electrification can bring to the United States.

Each year we aim to improve the comprehensiveness and detail of our assessment. In 2020, we have:


  • Added medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicle fleets to demonstrate the application of AMPLY’s optimal charging management strategy to multiple vehicle classes
  • Updated utility tariff rates for each of the Top 25 U.S. Metros as appropriate
  • Incorporated proposed EV rates for San Diego and Denver and added a short primer on what EV rates entail
  • Addressed COVID-19 developments and its potential impact on electrification transitions

2020 – White Paper

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